Ever felt sick of sleazy and mainstream airtime? Then this list is cut out for you.


The Inquiry

One pressing question. Four expert witnesses. Challenging answers. Best Current Affairs Podcast 2017 – British Podcast Awards. The bio line of the podcast goes: “The Inquiry gets beyond the headlines to explore the trends, forces and ideas shaping the world.” Basically it is a weekly debate on a controversial topic in the news and 4 experts challenging each other with 2 views, for and against the topic.


Entitled Opinions

Well this is my favorite. I’m prejudiced and I know it! Because I’m a literature graduate and this podcast is hosted by a literary scholar touching mainly upon literature. But that’s not all. It’s called Entitled opinions and you may hear entitled opinions on philosophy, politics, law, etc.
If you like to be levitated by the ecstacy of wisdom give this podcast a shot because Robert Harrison and his guests are among the most learned people you will ever have the chance to listen to.


Intelligence Squared

Top thinkers will take you to the heart of the matter and debate today’s most important issues. You can consider it as a live formal debate competition where two teams debate the opposite sides of a topic and a winner is named based on which side convinces the most audience members to side with their argument on the topic.



In their website they introduce themselves as “show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.” Jad and Robert explore things you might have thought you knew something about and just break the topic wide open. Radiolab’s charm is that it goes beyond just speech.  They’re editing process brings together speech, music, and random sounds in a way that makes it impossible for you to zone out.

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Planet Money

In short, stories about smart people, economics, politics. Get your head around how money makes the world go around twice a week.

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