Elephant costumes, ‘xylobands’, and an energetic Chris Martin make for an entertaining gig. People had a whale of time.

If you are a Coldplay fan, you better know anything can happen at a Coldplay concert. You could turn up wearing an elephant costume and make it as far as the front row, your furry trunk emblazoned on screen for 90 per cent of the gig.

People don’t stop flaunting their presence on Instagram. A wheelchair user called Steve from Dublin could be lifted aloft on his friends’ shoulders and surf the crowd to play harmonica on a song with Chris Martin. There’s a reason their last album was called A Head Full of Dreams when they are the musical equivalent of Aladdin’s genie.

The English band arrived at Croke Park with a pyrotechnics and ticker-tape budget that would bankrupt a small country, sparing no expense from the outset: on the way in, fans are handed ‘xylobands’ – wristbands controlled by radio frequency that change colour at various intervals – and as the sun went down, they transform the stadium into an impressive glittering sea of coloured lights. It was, without a doubt, an eminently Instagram-able show, something that the band are all too aware of; at one point, Chris Martin pleads with the crowd to put their phones away for “just one song”.

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