A kind-hearted Florida police officer has won hearts for helping a resident after he spotted the man riding a bike to work with only one functioning tire.

After seeing 61-year-old handyman Alfonso Stacey cycling to work on a totally bare rear rim on Monday during a patrol, Jacksonville Sheriff’s officer Terrance Hightower visited a local bike store and coughed up his own cash to buy him new tires.⠀

Hightower later showed up at Stacey’s home and presented him with the surprise gift.⠀

“We are so proud of you JSO Officer Hightower. Helping others, out of your own pocket, to make their life easier. You are making a difference one day at a time,” the police department wrote on its Facebook page.

“Sometimes you just have to help someone,” Hightower said in a post on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page, which is now going viral.⠀

Stacey told First Coast News that he ”grew up in a time where you do for yourself” and was initially “quite embarrassed” by Hightower’s act of kindness.⠀

The sheriff’s office said it was “so proud” of Hightower’s actions. “You are making a difference one day at a time,” the department’s post read.

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