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“Holy Smokes! Another pretentious and boring article about ‘happiness’!” mumbled a reader and heard the author!
Well… I have to say NO! But seriously What’s this ‘happiness’ thing that all these big-shot philosophers and psychologist just keep talking about? we look for it our entire lives and seemingly the more we search for it, the more it eludes us!
Let me get you straight guys! Gone are the days when people used to look for happiness outside of themselves. Gone are the days they used to blame their job or the people around them as the reason they couldn’t be happy at the moment. Yes, we all can be happy in the present moment. Dr. Robert Putnam of Harvard University recently pointed out“money alone can buy you happiness, but not much.” It appears that happiness has less to do with money than we might imagine. So what now? As I said this is not a high-brow analysis on happiness. All I want to do is to give you four short but handy tips which arise from personal experience on embracing the happiness. So you listen and listen good!


Don’t you ever take little pleasures for granted!

There’s a good chance that you are so consumed by the fast pace of modern life and have forgotten the seemingly little things that used to make you happy. Bring them back into your life. Do you enjoy a cup of hot beverage on a cold day? Do you like the glitter on your freshly washed car? Or matbe your thing is putting on clothes after they have been warmed on the radiator! Whatever it is, find it and just do it like Nike.

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Carpe Diem!

Have some long-term plans for your future but don’t sweat it! You never know what’s expecting you. And about the past..Mmm.. Let bygones be bygones.


Stay Happy

Stop trying to please everyone, will you?

Bad news for some of you out there. Even if you wanted to, you wouldn’t be able to keep everyone you know happy. It’s a just a tried-and-tested way to stress and disappoint yourself. Just remember you come first. Blah, blah, blah don’t do it and experience the real freedom.


Let go of your la la land expectations!

Hear me out and set the bar low. Face up to reality and set achievable and real expectations for yourself. Remember we always feel the real sense of achievement when we go beyond what we expected; therefore, if you set them unachievable, you will never feel this ever again and think of yourself a total loser.


And of course last but not least, visit on a daily basis to stay happy!

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