People are calling it A giant step for iPhone; A monumental leap for iPad !

I have been using iOS 11 for a few days now and although it’s a buggy beta, I’ve come to really like it.

Tim Cook said that iOS 11 takes the world’s most advanced mobile OS and turns it up to 11. Let’s see what he means by that.

Here’s a handful of new features in iOS 11:


  1. New App Store:This is a major change with the new OS. Apps will be sorted by category now more than ever, a new App of the Day feature will debut, and the whole app will receive a fresh, Apple Music-esque design.


  1. Redesigned Control Center:Personally, I thought the iOS 10 Control Center was just fine (and it seems like Apple is changing the Control Center design every year). Anyway, it fills the entire screen and places all controls on one page.


  1. Lock screen/notification tray:These two features are now becoming one. Swiping down from the top of the screen will now reveal the lock screen. Everything else about the notification center will remain similar, but the main change is that the two previously distinct elements are now one.


  1. Do Not Disturb While Driving:This feature is an enhancement of the current Do Not Disturb feature. While using Maps to navigate (or even just while driving), all but the most urgent notifications will be silenced.


  1. New QuickType one-handed keyboard:This keyboard condenses the keys and squishes them toward one side of the screen. It is designed to allow users of Apple’s larger phones to easily reach the entire keyboard.
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  1. Tons of first-party app improvements:Lane guidance, indoor maps, and speed limit info in Maps. Live Photos and Portrait Mode improvements. HomeKit improvements and AirPlay 2. New app drawer, P2P Apple Pay, and iCloud storage in Messages. New space-saving photo and video encoding formats.
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