Following the John McEnroe statement on Serena’s ranking on men’s circuit, Serena asks him to keep her out of his non-factual statements. Serena is pregnant seven months now and demanded respect and privacy.

In 2013, Serena agreed she couldn’t be the best male tennis player, she added men and women’s games of tennis are almost two different sports. But after highlighting these statements, John McEnroe refused to apologize to her, surprisingly!

Serena’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou defended her in an interview with CNN. Listen to his comments about the latest comments. “It is not nice, I don’t want to blame John. I know what it is to talk all day long about tennis and sometimes you say something you shouldn’t say” said Mouratoglou. “I don’t think it really makes sense to compare men and women. They play a different game. You don’t have to compare man and woman; they are different because they have the different characteristic” he added. What a legend!

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