Ozzy Osbourne is a well-known icon in the world of Rock & Roll. Ozzy’s Fame was built on his 11-year career as a vocalist for Black Sabbath. Then, in 1979, Ozzy was kicked out of Black Sabbath for excessive partying and doing drugs, just to recruit Rainbow vocalist Ronnie James Dio months later.

Some of the craziest things Ozzy has done in his lifetime:

  • Born in December 1948, Ozzy Osbourne graduated high school at 15 (they graduate younger in the U.K. than in the U.S.) Before Ozzy turned 18, he was arrested and convicted for burglary and sentenced to three months in prison. (Ozzy had to do the time because his father refused to pay the fine.)
  • While still a teenager, Ozzy got a position in a slaughterhouse. His job was to kill cows by shooting them in the head with a gun that fired a steel spike. At times, Ozzy would end up covered with blood and guts.
  • While singing with Earth, the band that would eventually become Black Sabbath, Ozzy, in an effort to always play the clown, would do just about anything to get the audience’s attention. One time he found some purple paint backstage and covered his nose with it. Unfortunately, the paint was indelible and didn’t wear off for weeks!
  • At the end of an American tour in 1972, Ozzy, who had been sampling groupies for months, got a blast of penicillin before returning home to the missus.
  • In those days, Ozzy and Thelma had lots of new cars. When Thelma’s brand new Mercedes inexplicably got all these scratches on it, Ozzy investigated and discovered that stray cats were climbing on it while it was kept in the garage.
    So, one night, Ozzy sneaked into the garage, whipped out his shotgun and blasted as many cats as he could.
  • One day when the vicar paid the Osbournes a visit (Ozzy is a member of the Church of England), Thelma inadvertently gave the priest a big piece of cake that Ozzy had laced with some potent Afghan hashish. Soon the vicar passed out, and the Osbournes had to carry him to the car and take him home. For three days the vicar was ripped and, fortunately for the Osbournes, didn’t remember what had happened to him.
  • On a flight home to England, Ozzy was carrying four grams of cocaine in his sock. Worried about taking the dope through customs, Ozzy gave the coke to the stewardesses, who snorted the stuff while still working on the plane.
  • One night during the “Blizzard of Ozz” tour in Germany, while dining with some straight-laced folks, Ozzy climbed onto the table and began doing a striptease. Once naked, Ozzy urinated into this man’s carafe of wine. After that, Ozzy wasn’t invited back to Germany for many years.
  • During one performance, somebody in the audience threw something at Ozzy. He thought it was a rubber bat, so he picked it up and chomped down on it. Soon, realizing something was wrong, Ozzy spit out a live bat. Later, as a precautionary measure, Ozzy had to get rabies shots.
  • When Ozzy had guests stay at his house at Outland Cottage in England, he would slip into their rooms at night and shave off their eyebrows. Ozzy thought this was hilarious fun.
  • In Memphis, Tennessee one night, Ozzy, drunk and looking for a place to urinate, chose a white car parked in a lay-by. Then he soon discovered this was an unmarked police car, and the lady cop at the wheel arrested him and threw him in jail for the rest of the night.

  • While flying one time, a woman sitting in front of Ozzy kept annoying him, so he slipped a Doom Dot into her drink and soon the lady fell asleep. This Doom Dot was a so-called Mickey, actually a gel cap containing chloral hydrate.
  • Invited to a White House dinner during the administration of George W. Bush, Ozzy got blasted on alcohol and, while screaming wildly in front of 1,800 people, Bush could be heard saying, “This might have been a mistake.”
  • Happening in more recent times, because it was something Ozzy had always wanted to do, he and his friend Zakk Wylde pushed a 50-inch TV set through the ninth floor window of a hotel and let it fall to the pavement below. When this huge TV set hit the ground it exploded like a nuclear bomb. The hotel charged Ozzy $38,000 for the destruction of the television.

Years of drugs and partying, it’s surprising how Ozzy Osbourne is managing to survive for 68 years.

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