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FTC 9794 Wizards.exe Releasing our Relic Claw for the 2017-18 Season

This is the Relic Claw designed by FIRST Tech Challenge team 9794 Wizards.exe. It is mostly 3D-printed, but it does utilize other parts. The WITHOUTNUMBERS parts have the 9794 embossings removed.

Materials Needed

  • 1 Bracket.stl or BracketWITHOUTNUMBERS.stl (3d printed)
  • 1 RotatingPart.stl or RotatingpartWITHOUTNUMBERS.stl (3d printed)
  • 1 Linkage.stl (3d printed)
  • 2 Actobotics 535198 (Flanged 1/2" OD 1/4" ID bearing)
  • 2 Actobotics 633104 (1/4" Shaft Spacer)
  • A standard size servo (The 2 servos we have used are the Rev smart robot servo and the Hitec 485HB)
  • Actobotics 575124 (Standard Servo Plate B)
  • Actobotics 525116 or other compatible servo horn (Read Note) Note: This servo horn will work for anything with a 24T spline. A much cheaper alternative to this is to take one of the servo horns that come with the servo and drill a hole approx 1 inch from the center.
  • 1 1/4" shaft (Min length - 2.25") Note: Any 1/4" shaft will work. The one included is 2.5" long. Actobotics part 634070 works just fine.

There are 4 mounting holes on the bracket.stl part. On our robot we have those connected to an Actobotics ServoBlock which is connected to the robot, but mounting is up to you.
To assemble you press the bearings into the holes on RotatingPart.stl with the flanges on the inside. Then, you take your shaft and put it through, placing the shaft spacers between the bearings and the bracket.stl part. After that, put the horn on the servo so that the limits are parallel to the servo's long side. Screw in the servo and the servo mount. Finally, screw in the linkage.stl part.
If you use this claw, please send us an email at [email protected] telling us and attribute the claw to us.

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100% for the linkage. At least 30% for everything else.


For RotatingPart.stl, the side with the large 9794 should be on the bed. If it doesn't stick you might need to use a raft or brim