It thins nicely, it puts a lot of units on the field, it's safe from bricking (doesn't even care about it actually) , has carryover and better buffs, as the card that buffs all Elfs if played or swapped is just a strictly better Field Medic. I really hope CDPR actually shows some love to Northern Realms next patch.

Edit: This is not a ST is strong nerf, NR is weak buff post-------The gameplay of swap ST(no nova version) is better, it feels smooth, cleaner as a swarm archetype, that's my point, not nerf ST. Let's say that mulligan ST isn't weak and that swarm NR isn't weak too, let's say they are both at the same tier, same strength , now I what I mean is that I want swarm NR to play more like swap ST, it has a better feel as a swarm archetype, feels clean, "smooth". I hope I explained what my point was well, English isn't my first language.