Here are some premiums that I would consider must-haves. They represent the best bang-for-the-buck as they meet the following criteria: They have some of the best particle effects. They are competitive in current and future metas. They are played on the board (visible to both players).

Any suggestions for cards you think are essential are welcome.


  • All leaders
  • Geral: Igni
  • Villentretenmerth
  • Phoenix
  • Ciri: Nova
  • Woodland spirit
  • Seltkirk
  • Vilgefortz
  • Coral


  • Roach
  • Olgierd
  • Assire
  • Dethmold
  • Prince stennis
  • Gremist
  • Sigdrifa
  • Frightener
  • Cantarella
  • Udalryk