I love Johnny. I do. And I'm trying to find a home for Wolfsbane outside of SK bran discard deck, and this is what I come up with: The Johnny Wolf Alchemy

Understanding Wolfsbane is pretty key. If you win coin-flip sometimes you can force opponent to go 2 cards down without a spy, then play your spy to get even more CA. Alternatively, it allows you to play spy 1st round if you lose coinflip and still maintain tempo.

Stephan really makes Johnny more reliable, as if you have wolfsbane and no Johnny you can Stephan-Calveit to get him out. or you can ensure you draw Wolfsbane with Stepahn (not as good as you lose the 5 point boost)

The idea is to NOT force the Johnny-wolf combo. devoting all your resources to make it work would end up losing you the game. Without Trail tho, you might suffer in tempo, that's why I don't think this deck would be better than the Trail version, but still worth a try.

Feedbacks are welcome, and I dont have Volgfortz, kind of want to test him here but I don't think any of the golds can be swapped out.

PS. best game I have is to Johnny into a Regis against a Letho-Regis deck. As I have card advantage naturally I won. Johnny can brick, however, drawing you Shupe/Nova/Ithlinne.