Hey, I wanted some opinions on Civil Abilities. Which one do you think are must-have? Which one do you always pick even though they aren't that good?

Here's my take on them:

  1. Persuasion: The only Civic Ability that will reward extra XP. A must-have.
  2. Lucky Charm: Extra loot is always good to take, even if you just resell it.
  3. Loremaster: I know it's easy enough to play without it but I like having enemy infos during fights.
  4. Thievery: Probably the Civil Abilities that earn you the most money. It's easy enough to bypass the "search" after a thief (especially for skill books). Opening locks is a nice bonus, especially since it allow Lucky Charm to trigger on more stuff.
  5. Bartering: Get you more money but it feels weaker than thievery.
  6. Telekinesis: Apparently you can abuse it to kill enemies by throwing them heavy items. Besides that it's pretty useless since you get teleportation gloves early in the game.
  7. Sneaking: The 4 AP cost completely kill it.