So I know Shallan is worried about depleting the Chasm fiends with 5 years of hunts of them for gem hearts, but I can't seem to recall if anyone says if the chrysalises that form are a precursor to the Chasmfiends we see during the hunts, or if those chasmfiends are what form the chrysalis and then grow into something even larger and scarier. If so, we've either never seen the stage before the chrysalis, or never seen the stage after it, because we've only ever seen that one stage and then the chrysalis. I kind of hope we haven't seen the one after, because I really want to see what a bigger, scarier chasmfiend would look like. Does anyone remember if it's said anywhere what stage the ones we see are? Do the Alethi even know? I've read each book 4 times but it's been a few months since my last reading and can't remember right now if it's ever stated.