A week ago my friend Formatted his C:\ drive, but all of his steam games including PUBG are on his D:\ drive, after dinner we gathered as always online with 4 friends, and we wanted to play an Event game before entering Squads on erangel as a warm-up. What was meant to be a fun night of gaming took a really bad turn and got Me and My friend banned, i will explain as best i can how...

My friend who's Nickname is Texious, was playing event with us, halfway the event, his game crashed and he received the error, [25] BattlEye: Corrupted data and some numbers. Me and my 2 other friends were so focused on the game that we didn't hear what he was saying clearly, you probably know how loud war events can be. After the game finished, we entered a squad game TPP on Erangel map, we killed nearly everyone in Mylta and we were leaving to the safezone, Texious got kicked out of the game with the same error -> Battleye: corrupted data, he tried to reconnect and received the message that he has been Permanently banned, now this is where it get's interesting, we discussed this, because we are loyal online friends, we Gamed for over 10 Years together and none of us would ever Cheat or use any 3rd party program for gaming, or to alter/tamper anything with the game. We came to the conclusion that he had been banned due to problem with the game itself or simply a bug, we read alot on reddit that this happened before, so called 'false-bans', I logged on to my brothers account trough steam, and gave my own account credentials to my friend, so we could continue gaming, YES That's how much i trust him! Again we played for 5 minutes then he received the exact same error, and got me banned aswell, my Nickname for pubg is KickTheClutch. I've send a ticket to appeal my ban, and my friend did that too, we carefully tried to explain the situation but we both got the same automated message, they well not look into this.

           - I have tried to reach PUBG_help trough twitter, they redirected us to send a ticket to https://support.playbattlegrounds.com/hc/en-us , which we had already done..

(edit): They told us not send them back or they would categorize us as 'spam', and there can be nothing to do as bans are checked internally, i supposed they are an external service?lol, so anyways, i need help of the real pubg team , thanks.

           - I have tried to reach Gamers with influence but did not receive any response.

           - I Have tried to reach multiple PUBG managers on twitter and none of them could help me

This is what i'm asking of you, this is not a demand, Please look into this case, or ask someone from the Anti-cheat team to look into this, again, 101% we have never used ANYTHING or would USE anything, against the rules or even anything close to it, My friends nick - Texious

                                                                                                            My nick   - KickTheClutch

To everyone who think he's cheating, We hate cheaters and can't bare them, not that i ever would but, if i could pay $250+ a month or week w.e, why would i even appeal my ban or try to help my friend out, i would go and buy another account? i am in no such position, i just thought it would be obvious that this is a false ban, because he logged on my account and got the account instant banned aswell( i know i shouldn't have shared my account, but we thought he would get unbanned easily), now he wiped his entire PC and both drives, bought pubg on a different account and is now playing without any issues, but this does not mean we shouldn't appeal for a ban that was not meant to be, we come across cheaters daily! That's why i'm appealing our bans!

Please Developers... Support Teams...Anti-cheat team.... Please look into this... Thanks.