Edit: Solved. Did a timeshift restore to one before I made the network changes. Everything works fine now. Definitely a problem with Mint XFCEs network manager though and something the devs should look into.

Linux mint 19 user here

Setting a new router after last one died a week ago. But when I enter as said on its manual, it won't work. I'm getting an error saying 'this site is unreachable. Err\_address\_unreachable'. Network manager new connections are completely grayed out as well. What do I do?

P.S. : before the WiFi arrived, I connected the cable directly to cpu and had to struggle a lot to get the thing to work as can be seen here https//www.reddit.com/r/linux4noobs/comments/9ecinn/network\\\_manager\\\_grayed\\\_out/

Edit: I did

Sudo service network-manager restart

Now the error message has changed to 'no internet'