Suicidal people with higher IQs go through similar patterns, and her patterns typically go something like this:

suicide attempt miraculous recovery -Stays in a mental hospital 5-7 days -(“””””fixxxes””””””) her meds (idiots have no clue what she really needs/ wants Because she’s out of it when she’s there due to overdosing on whatever she tried to kill herself with..) -give her a few ‘coping mechanisms’ (group once a week with some strangers..) return to real world Attempts to get a job... gets a job.... doesn’t like said job... quits... so already back to fiending for money. Goes back to smoking weed 24/7 goes back to hopelessly fucking around with guys (some times multiple, sometimes one, sometimes dating, sometimes the guy loves her, sometimes he’s a complete asshole...)

Then after about a month or so of smoking from sun up to sun down, fucking whoever will give her good attention, and spending any money she gets on weed/fast food, she starts to fall apart again.


Slowly getting more depressed.

Starts doing worse and worse things, because why not at that point.

Morals drop

Hygiene gone

Will to wake up? -only if there’s weed.



(Wait for next big problem with her between guys, friends, parents, whatever..)

Decides ok ima end it soon...

Live out your last few things u care to do..

Maybe walk through your house one last time..

Get in your car one last time....

Spend any money you have left on anything cuz u won’t need it..

Say half asssed goodbyes to anyone who is close enough to hear.. ( you aren’t coherent at this point)

Then you just do it. You end it


Then somehow we wind up back at the top....? I hope so. I really do

So for the past few days I’ve tried everything I can think of to help. I’ll give u a run down.

Brought her to my home. Gave her a place to sleep. Gave her 3 good meals a day. Gave her free weed so she wouldn’t spend own her money on it. Trying to get her a job.. (if she can focus long enough to get anything done) Trying to get her gym membership back. Letting her bond/ love on my yellow lab puppy. (She lost hers recently, long story.) Keeping her company. (Me and Letting her close friends come over.) Trying to be her therapist the whole way. (This is the part I feel is futile.)

She’s not even the typical suicide case where they are addicted to crazy drugs and their life is wayyyy to fat gone. She’s just a normal, middle class, suburban girl, who’s brain is way too active for her own good. She’s had a bad run at life with guys and her dad so you can see where problems start to fester. Got way worse than that but nothing you can’t come back from.

To most people she probably doesn’t even look suicidal currently, but I can see these things. She has another 4-6 months tops before the cycle resets. I can’t go through this shit again..

Any help/ advice is appreciated.

Edit: if it helps she happens to have a ridiculously high IQ as well. Like 140-150 so its reallll hard to get stuff through her head.