The United Kingdom is comprised of several countries (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) with totally different cultures or dialects which all have their own different traditions. Considering these variety of cultures help you to avoid making mistakes and prejudge any culture without knowing it.
Become more familiar with smaller areas
Big cars, houses, and spaces are popular around the world, however, people of the United Kingdom do not have the luxury of space. Houses, apartments, and cars are all smaller than the same thing you expected. So, you should get used to smaller size of everything you have seen or experienced before.

The Public house
Public house has an important role in United Kingdom, and it is one of the most important parts of the British culture. The old fashioned bar could give very good sense. You would probably see students, work colleagues or family members who gather there to meet or talk.
Importance of politeness
Being polite is so important in the United Kingdom. To apologize to someone even if it is not your fault would be so cool. Respecting people’s privacy and giving them some space on waiting lines is so ideal in the United Kingdom.
Get used to different words or British
If you find British language a little bit different from what you expected, don’t worry. You could look around the internet or buy some books to get used to the British style of speaking.
Get used to left side driving
As you know the cars in the UK have the steering wheel on the right side, so if your country’s cars steering wheel is on the right, you should seriously be careful when making a U-turn in the UK. Do some study before you travel to the UK.

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