All of us love coffee, and as usual, all of us after pouring it brew, toss the grounds out. But why this love should end soon? People use the grounds again for most purposes. Some people use them for their skin, some to deodorize their fridge, to clean tools and dishwasher, to hide furniture scratches and to give paper an antique look.

As we know, to grow a plant freshly we need nutrient- rich soil. To nourish your garden it is smart to reuse your coffee grounds. As coffee grounds do not change the soil’s pH, they improve its texture, help attract worms and hold in water.

These botanic grounds are kind of nitrogen boost and we can call them fertilizer. They decompose and release potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and some other minerals which support plant growth. They, also, repel pests from damaging your lovely plant.
So, never toss your coffee grounds out, they are free fertilizers that help your apartment or garden look beautiful by nourishing plants.

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