First of all, If your stress is intense and causing physical effects, you really have to see a medical provider and get medical aid.Doctors say stress is a signal our body is trying to alert us to be aware. Continued or intense stress can cause physiological issues, though. To eliminate stress here is a simple and tested method.

As an English instructor teaching mostly teens, many of whom do not believe they can learn a new language at its best, I found everyone capable of learning languages, once they rid their language stress, not worry about the test, and change their belief systems – once the student could suspend their stress!

First, let me cover the steps.

  1. Identify one thing causing your stress.Do you feel stress about work, school, family, friends, finances, fitness, faith, or fun? Pin down whatever makes you stressed out and write it down.


  1. Determine the level of intensity of the stress.Based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least emotion and 10 being the most intense emotion, determine what level of stress you feel right now about the cause of the stress.


  1. Tap on the negative emotion.I know, all our lives we have been told to be positive. But being positive doesn’t mean we don’t have negative thoughts subconsciously. Let’s identify the negative so we can release it. Begin using four fingers of either hand and tap on the fleshy part of the other hand (between your smallest finger and your wrist) and repeat “Even though I feel stress about (insert your identified thing causing the stress), I deeply and completely accept myself and this emotion.” – repeat three time. Then repeat the phrase “This stress” while tapping on the following places on your body: 1) top of the head near your crown; 2) inside edge of your eyebrow over your nose; 3) outside of eye; 4) under your eye; 5) under your nose; 6) under your lips; 7) on both side of your collar bone; 8) about 4″ under your armpit; and 9) back on the top of your head.
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  1. Take a deep breath in through your nose.


  1. Exhale slowly through your nose.


  1. Take a sip of water.


  1. Rate the level of your emotion. Similar to step 2, check the level of your stress. Sometimes the level goes up, stays the same, or goes down. There are different reasons for each type of change. Return to step 3 until the level goes to zero.

Try these steps and see that they do wonders.

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