Being a victim of life (Victim Mentality) refers to the mind set that one is born ill-starred and that one is doomed to be a chronic loser, a dependent, and a passive person. One believes that the circumstances, the gods above and below, the whole world, and  even nature are at odds with him.

The victim mentality is a tough cycle to break – but then again so is any cycle whether it is positive or negative (it is just that most people do not seek to break a positive cycle). As far as overcoming the victim of life feeling, one would need to realize that a situation by itself is never important. What’s important is one’s thoughts and reactions to a situation.

Have you ever heard about the phrase, Like Thoughts attract each other?

Whatever you think about yourself will reflect in others as well.

If you love yourself and treat yourself well, others will treat you the same.

If you hate yourself and treat yourself bad, others will do the same.

This is called, Law of Attraction.

To overcome the feeling of victim of life,

  1. Stop wallowing in self-pity. Pretension is poor joke that you play on yourself. You’re in this situation because of
  2. Take responsibility of your actions. You can’t go on and blame others for what you do. It is your life and you have to take responsibility for it.
  3. Plant Positive thoughts in your mind. It’ll eradicate the clutter of negativity in your mind. Nurture positive thoughts about yourself and your life. {Read, The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.}
  4. Start Working Out. Working out has proven to reduce depressing thoughts. It also releases more endorphin, the happy hormones.
  5. Pursue whatever you love. Take time to do whatever you love. It’ll enhance your creativity. It’ll also help yourself to express you better.
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Do these for two weeks and it’ll surely make a difference in your life.

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