All of us have experienced a bad day where we work now and then. There are so many different reactions to this. You may leave your office furiously and swear you won’t continue working there anymore.

Such a reaction to office troubles is common, but the important matter is to recognize when the decision is right and when it is made by anger. Should you give your job the second chance or it is time to quit?

If you really hate your job, you have to start to look for a new one. No one force you to do a job you don’t like. You have to do a job that best matches your personality.

If you feel itchy to change your job or even career, you should open your eyes to feelings, thoughts, and happenings in your life which lead to the exit sign.


What Job Should I Do


Below are some signs that help you find out what job should you do. It is good for you to do a job that does not have the signs below. Whenever you find these signs in your job, you have to quit your job as soon as possible.

What Job Should I Do? A job that you do not feel the followings about it.

You dread going to work

Do you go to bed every night unwilling to go to work the next day? While sometimes it is normal to hesitate about going to work, if you deeply dread going to work, it is time to search for new job opportunities.

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Your procrastination exceeds your actual working

Procrastination is common on some occasion, but it longs for days, it is not a good sign. You have to be able to find engaging about your daily work. As an employee, you have to be able to find out that your current position fits you best. You should find one part of your job more interesting than scrolling Twitter or 9gag.


It’s taking a toll on your health

If your sick days added up out of blue, you are at risk and this is not a good sign. Whenever you are resorting to more glasses of wine at night to come over a bad day at the office; if your working hours prevent you from exercising, eating healthy, or getting enough sleep, It is time to quit your job.


What Job Should I Do

You complain about your job too much

Think about your conversations in the office. Are most of them containing complaining? Are you complaining about colleagues, workplace, and job itself most of the times? If a job brings more negativity than positivity to your life, quit it A.S.A.P.

There’s no room for advancement.

Staying in a job that does not offer o opportunities for growth is wasting time. You have to commit your time with a company which is able to support the progress in your career or grows with you. If a company does not support such conditions, it prevents you from developing your career in the long run.


The work environment is negative

A negative environment is poisonous. Both an always-complaining co-worker and an unhappy boss are toxic. They can risk your happiness. They make a pessimistic atmosphere which can kill the passion you have for your career choice. Maybe you need to get out.

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What Job Should I Do


You can’t speak up at your job

Feeling confident and comfortable in your job is a primary factor. You have to feel free in expressing your idea and thought. You should not hinder yourself from speaking up. If so, your job does not worth putting up with and it is not a job you should do.


You’re reading this article

Think deeply, why have you clicked on this article? It seems that there is something wrong with you. If you are contemplating quitting your job, you have the main reason in your hand, indeed the job you have is not suitable for you. move on to another way.

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