What is Creatine?

Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in vertebrates. Its main role is to facilitate recycling of adenosine triphosphate, the energy currency of the cell, primarily in muscle and brain tissue. (Wikipedia)

Most athletes and weightlifters use creatine to increase their muscles size. Additionally, creatine is used as a supplement by recreational and professional athletes to increase strength. The use of creatine is increasing among lifters, however, some avoid using it because their muscles may get too big. That’s a big mistake!

Now, research suggests that creatine does something more than what we thought before. Alongside helping to set Personal Records (PR) in the gym, creatine can affect bone mineral density positively. Creatine also can reduce oxidative stress, and even improve memory.

This means that everyone can use creatine, and is not specific to a particular group, anymore. Researchers even recommend everyone to add creatine to their daily diet. Do you want to know why?

Read some reasons that everyone should use cretine in their daily regimen.


Creatine Boosts Aerobic Performance and Recovery


Who Should Use Creatine


In the past researchers believed that creatine was good for improving strength, body composition, power output, and training volume. But now, many research suggests that in addition to power athletes, endurance athletes can benefit from remarkable advantages of creatine supplement.

Carb loading helps endurance athletes to achieve glycogen stores before a race, however adding creatine to the daily diet boosts glycogen stores. As there is a strong relationship between high glycogen stores and performance during prolonged exercise, creatine considers totally beneficial in endurance activities.

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Endurance athletes also benefit from creatine’s ability to reduce inflammation and cell damage. Research also suggests that creatine can be helpful in maintaining both body temperature and hydration status while training in hot and humid weather.


Creatine Increases Bone Mineral Density


Who Should Use Creatine


No matter how old you are, it is late to think about your bones health. Around the world, osteoporosisor the loss in bone mineral density—is diagnosed to be the cause of more than 8.9 billion fractures each year. Unfortunately, one in three women over the age of 50 are diagnosed with osteoporosis. While one in five men over 50 experience a fracture because of osteoporosis.

many years ago researchers found that strength training is pivotal in increasing bone mineral density and prevent osteoporosis. Now, trainers recommend weightlifter to add creatine to their daily regimen to let their bones reach their full potential. However, combining the resistance-training program with creatine supplementation has shown a greater increase in bone mineral content compared to resistance training only.

Don’t be surprised! If your bone mineral content increase, it leads to increases in muscle mass. Consequently, increase in your bones strain level will provide the perfect stimulus for them to get stronger!


Creatine Enhance Brain Performance


Who Should Use Creatine


The way creatine works in the brain is similar to the way it works in muscles. Brain use creatine phosphate (PCr) as its energy source. So, if the source does not replenish, the level of brains PCr can be decreased during an activity. Like muscles, the brain can get tired during mental tasks, like mathematical calculations. Here is where creatine holds brain’s hand and fuels it.

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We all know that meat is a rich source of creatine, but it is not enough for huge brain activities. Both meat eaters and vegetarians need a supplement to improve their brain working memory and processing speed. This is what we call it brain power boost!

Research has shown that even five days of creatine can significantly reduce mental fatigue and increase oxygen utilization in the brain. It’s pretty clear: Creatine has powerful effects on enhancing and maintaining cognitive function!


Who Should Use Creatine


Other benefits of creatine for the human body is as follow:


Creatine Improves Glucose Metabolism

It Reduces Oxidative Stress

Creatine Can Protect Against Traumatic Brain Injury




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