I guess all those who could answer this question including me would instead decide to move along, and hope someone else answers it for them. Laziness FTW! (yawn!)

You might say because it feels damn good! people like to sleep instead of waking up 6 in the morning so people like to be lazy; as simple as that!

It’s an interesting judgment to make on someone else. Lazy is a shame term used for a variety of issues. It commonly is an attempt to motivate someone into doing something an authority figure wants.

What is lazy then? Is it a lack of physical activity? If so, then is someone who works 14-hour days considered lazy because their work is at a computer all day long?
Conversely, could someone who is physically active but unwilling to challenge themselves mentally be considered lazy?

Here are some examples that can explain the phenomenon of laziness in more details:

1)  Giving up on hope:

Jennifer lost hope in losing weight two years. Because she tried every possible way to lose weight she just came to the conclusion that she will stay obese for the rest of her life. Because this fact might have sent her into severe depression her mind played a brilliant trick. Why not convince her that she is lazy instead of letting her believe that she has no hope?

2)  The shakes, the willies, the heebie-jeebies:

Sam Always wanted to start a business but he was so terrified of failure. The last thing he wanted to happen is to let anyone believe that he failed and as a result his subconscious mind made him lazy just to help him escape from failure without feeling guilty.

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3)  Denial:
All human beings have problems that they need to deal with but some people don’t know exactly what they should do in order to solve their problems. Some people admit this fact and try to find solutions while others deny it. As you might have already guessed one popular method of denial is becoming lazy.

Well actually here your subconscious mind tries to help you out. When it realizes that you are about to admit a fact that might influence your well-being it chooses to hide the fact from you using laziness or any other escapement mechanism. (Now you found a good excuse to justify your laziness, right?)

But, mind you, escapement only delays the achievement of your goals it can never lead to happiness.

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